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Customized Training Grant Funds For New Jersey Employers

NJ Department of Labor Announces: Customized Training Funds are Available to Upgrade the Skills of  YOUR Workforce

Moe Shea Corporation can assist you in developing and submitting your Customized Training Grant proposal at no charge. We are a training provider approved by the NJ Department of Labor and Workforce Development.  Our Vocational Training Institute will:

  • perform a needs analysis to determine your workforce skills development;
  • design a detailed training plan based on the needs analysis;
  • work with you to develop and submit a fundable grant proposal; and
  • act as a stakeholder for your organization and serve as your liaison with the State of New Jersey.

Your organization must qualify for this grant before the application is submitted to the Department of Labor and Workforce Development.  The qualifications are as follows:

  • Online Pre-Qualification/Online Application in (CTTS).
  • Submission of a complete application packet including:

    • Supplemental Narrative to address Rating Criteria;
    • Tax Clearance Form and Financial Need Determination;
    • Supplemental one year Training Plan;
    • CEO / COO Letter of Support;
    • Active W-9 form filed with NJ Treasury;
    • Three (3) years of complete financial statements with Accountant/Auditor Report; and
    • Completed Development Subsidy Job Goals Accountability Act form.

We will start from the beginning by attending the grant technical meeting with your organization.  From this point forward, we will guide you through the grant submission process.  This grant, if approved, must be expended in one year.
Moe Shea Corporation is an approved private training provider in the State of New Jersey and has extensive experience in delivering training based on clients’ needs and schedule.

Entities That Can Apply For Funding Under The Grant Program

  • This competitive grant program is open to eligible applicants defined as:

    • Individual employer;
    • An employer organization, labor organization or community-based organization; and
    • A consortium, which may include the following: an employer organization, a labor organization, an educational or training institution seeking to provide customized training to upgrade the job-related skills of New Jersey employers’ workers