We Accept NJ Veterans Educational Benefits

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Services Offered

Tuition assistance

The School Administration provides affordable payment plans and there are also grants that the students may qualify for.

Since 2004, Moe Shea Corporation has been an approved training provider for the Workforce Investment Assistance Program (WIA) and the Workforce Development Program (WDP) in New Jersey. Students who are interested in this program should contact their local One-Stop Career Center for procedure to follow.

Regardless of what your situation is, please call our enrollment office to inquire.

Tuition Financing for students

Benefits to Students:
  • 3, 6, or 12 month payment options!
  • Funding up to $3,500!
  • Payment for shorter courses (1-2 months) can be extended beyond graduation!
  • Approvals in minutes!
  • Funding in 3 business days!
Call (609) 324-9911 today!!!

Career Counseling

Now you have decided that you need workforce skills in order to achieve your employment goals, but still unsure what industries to target, let our employment counselor assist you.

Placement Assistance

From the onset, Moe Shea Corporation in conjunction with the student will develop a placement plan. We will assist with resume writing, provide our students an opportunity to sharpen their interviewing skills and also refer to employers. We become partners to success for all our students and continue to work with them.

High school students

You wanted to go into the health career field but you always thought that you could not until you acquire your high school diploma. Well, not necessarily true. The Nurse’s Aide and Home Health Aide program training are your initial step into the health career and do not require a high school diploma or GED to get certified. Become an Aide today and start to make your own money. Part-time positions are always available for these two positions.